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This Is How It Works...

StartName is a successful company selling domain names (e.g., hosting plans, business email plans, website builders and many other amazing internet products. We are now able to give you the same opportunity to sell these products as your own and earn recurring income every month.

We give you a fully functional and customizable website from where you can sell these cutting-edge technology products. You don’t need any technical skill to run your business or manage these products. We take care of everything.

We are now still in the beginning phase of the internet era. This is the time to get into the online industry and we fully believe that this is the best way to do it. Become your own boss today and join our reseller program.

The Key to Your Online Success

We've been in business since 2003. What we've experienced is that one of the hardest things to do is to create a useful product and at the same time find the time to market that product, provide quality support to your customers and to then keep being innovative to improve it. When you finally finished creating the product you have no energy or funds left to get the word out to those who will eventually buy it. That is why so many fail.

So what if you already have amazing products to sell that will give you recurring income? What if you don't have to spend half the day providing support to those customers? Only then can you take all your time and effort to market your great product and to spend your energy thinking of new ideas to get people to your website. That is the key to success. Spend your energy and time on the right things.

The StartName Reseller Programs provide you with these amazing products to sell as your own, to build your own business that is earning recurring income every month.

It’s This Easy To Succeed

Almost everyone we know have a regular job which to go to everyday. They get a few days of holiday each year and they hope to get a promotion or better offer from some other company so that they can slightly increase their standard of living. Or they have their own business but the problem is that they are the business. When they don't work there is no income.

The point is this: As a reseller you can sell domain names (e.g., website hosting, website builders, business email, email marketing systems, fax thru email, etc. Now let's say just 1 person a month decides to buy one or more of your products. That means you will earn recurring income from those 12 people every month. You can earn a full-time income from that. I’m sure you already know 12 people who will greatly benefit from one of these products.

This means you can either sell to more people you know and earn more, or spend as much time on holiday as you like. No need to be on standby to provide support to those clients; we provide it for you. Don't let this opportunity pass. You can easily get started by choosing one of our reseller plans below.

What Happens After You Joined

Right after you joined, you can start to setup your reseller store from where you will sell the products. You can customize your store the way you want it e.g color scheme, store layout, etc. Upload a logo and choose which products you want to feature on your homepage.

You don’t need any technical skill to setup your store. Our design wizard makes it very easy. Your reseller site can be installed on a custom domain name such as Don’t worry if this sounds complicated, it’s not. We show you every step of the way.

View a Sample Reseller Website here.

How Your Income Works

You can offer all 50+ products in your store or you can choose to only offer those you want. Then you can set the prices for your products in order to manage your profit margins.

You set the selling price for the products in your store in the currency of your choice. The income you earn is your selling price minus the buy rate. The buy rate is the product’s cost price. In other words, what it costs us to provide that product. We provide the lowest possible buy rates in the industry, for example: buy rate for a .com is $8.29 and the suggested retail price is $9.99. You then earn $1.70 profit per domain per year.

Remember, domain names are the entry point for a new customer. That same customer will also buy other higher priced products where you will earn a much higher profit. The buy rate for top of the ranch dedicated server is $356.99/mo and the suggested retail price is $629.99/mo. Your commission on that one sale is then $273 every month.

Then from your reseller dashboard you can easily see how your store is doing. We provide you with detailed statistics on every aspect of your business that includes, order quantity, recent revenue generated, commission earned, number of domains registered, total number of customers, etc.

Tell Us How We Should Pay You

We receive the customer's payment through your store's award-winning shopping cart. We then pay you the difference between your selling price and the buy rate of the product.

You have the option to receive your payments by check, deposited into your PayPal account or transferred directly into your bank account.

Please note that if you would like us to transfer your commission into your bank account you need to be resident in the US. Non-US residents can choose to be paid by check or into a PayPal account.

We Provide Support to Your Customers

One of the big advantages is that we will provide premium support to your customers so that you don't have to spend days and nights helping your customers setting up there products. You don’t have to know how to setup your client’s emails or help them if they’re having trouble with their website builder. We do all of that for you under your business name.

It doesn’t matter if you have 12 customers or 12 000, we will give support to all of them and it’s all included in your annual reseller fee.

But, if support is your thing, and you have a good knowledge of how the products work, then you can choose to handle your customer's support queries.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

With this program it is our ultimate goal to enable you to have a very successful online business. A business that will provide you with the necessary means to enjoy life to its fullest. Our top resellers are earning $35000 per month. You can also be one of them.

If you at any point feel that this program is not what you expected to be, send us an email within 30 days from signing up and we will issue a refund to you immediately, no questions asked.

Time to Choose Your Reseller Plan

We have 2 reseller plans to choose from. One is called the Basic Reseller Plan and the other, the Pro Reseller Plan. There are only 2 differences between them.

Firstly, the Pro Reseller Plan has slightly better buy rates which mean that your profit will be more with the Pro Reseller Plan. For example, the buy rate for Outlook email is $60.39/year on the Basic Plan and $56.62/year on the Pro Plan. If your selling price is $125.88/year then you make $65.49/year profit on the Basic Plan and $69.26/year on the Pro Plan.

Secondly, when your customers register domain names (e.g. on your store and they don’t build a website immediately on that domain, there will be clickable advertisements on that page. Pro Resellers earn commission when someone clicks on those advertisement but Basic Resellers don’t.

You can join your preferred reseller plan below. As soon as you join you can start building your own online business and become your own boss. We’re looking forward to your success.

Please Choose Your Reseller Plan

Basic Reseller Plan

$199.95 (USD 199.95) per year

Turnkey Reseller Website

Sell Over 50 Products As Your Own

Tools for Your Business e.g. Email Marketing

24/7/365 Support for Your Customers

Best Buy Rates in the Industry

Pay-Per-Click Parked Domain Commissions

Pro Reseller Plan

$299.95 (USD 299.95) per year

Turnkey Reseller Website

Sell Over 50 Products As Your Own

Tools for Your Business e.g. Email Marketing

24/7/365 Support for Your Customers

Best Buy Rates in the Industry

Pay-Per-Click Parked Domain Commissions

Please note: The Sign Up buttons above are NOT linked to the StartName website's shopping cart. This also means that if you already have an account at StartName, you will have to open a new account on the StartName Reseller Site after clicking on these Sign Up buttons.